An American Road Trip. Part 1.

5 guys, 14 nights, 1 road trip. Taking us through LA, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Yosemite and Las Vegas. The journey had begun.

Months of planning and preparation had left us totally prepared for whatever the 2 week trip through California and Nevada would throw at us. Until the time came to catch a train to Gatwick from our local station. Arriving in plenty of time we were told that our train and the next 2 trains to Gatwick had been cancelled due to driver strike. Problem. We eventually made it to the airport 1hr 15min before take-off, rushed through and made it to our flight gate with around 10 minutes to spare. In true British fashion this was just enough time to grab a boots meal deal.

It was a long 11 hour flight into LA and we arrived just as evening was approaching. Having been offered no complimentary food or drink on the whole flight with Norweigian Air we were all hungry. So we picked up our hire car from Alamo and headed for our hotel on sunset boulevard, where we were to drop our bags and go straight out  in search of food. We didn’t search far as directly opposite our hotel we found a ranch style bar and grill which was buzzing. By the time we finished our food it was around 9pm, which with an 8 hour time difference to home it meant it was 5am in our body clocks. Safe to say we were pretty tired. So we headed back across the road to our hotel, Best western sunset plaza, and went to sleep.

We had 4 nights in LA and did not waste a second. We spent our time visiting central Hollywood, hiking up to the Griffith observatory, seeking adrenaline at six flags magic mountain and chilling in both Santa Monica and Venice beach. Having a car meant that we had the freedom to go wherever we wanted, so i would definitely recommend hiring one. I would also recommend getting up early and heading off soon after, as once traffic in the city picks up it doesn’t seem to die down again until late evening. As the end of our time in LA approached we packed our bags and headed out on the road. We were heading for Santa Barbara, a relatively small town around 100 miles north of LA.


“There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors.” – Jim Morrison.

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