Dubai or not Dubai.

In less than 50 years, Dubai has forced its way up from the desert dunes to become the “city in the sand”. Now home to the worlds tallest building, a 7 star hotel and the largest shopping mall on earth, it has certainly come a long way in such little time to become the spectacle it is today.

Me and my brother recently took a 4 day trip here to see what it was about. The spectacle begins the moment you see the city emerge from the clouds as you come into land. After spending hours flying over nothing but mountains and deserts you see the city and its skyline.

We hadn’t booked any taxi transfers to take us from the airport to the hotel, instead we had decided that we would request an Uber. This turned out to be a great life choice as what came to pick us up was an £80,000 Tesla, which at the time we though was lucky, however we quickly realised that almost all the Ubers in the city were Tesla’s.

The indulgence of the city quickly began to sink in as we ventured deeper, towards our hotel, past countless sports cars, shopping facilities and high rise buildings. We threw the bags down in our room and quickly went straight to the excursion desk to see what they had to offer. In total we booked 3 excursions, a trip up the mile high Burj Khalifa, a desert safari to a camp across the sand dunes, and a day trip to the palm islands water park.  All three excursions were very enjoyable and each offering something different, I would definitely recommend them if you are on a trip to Dubai.

Two common things we heard upon booking our trip to Dubai were; “you’ll struggle in the heat there, it’s a desert, its boiling” and “make sure you are careful out there, i’ve heard they are really strict on tourists”. What we found was that these are 2 very big misconceptions. Firstly, the temperature, correct the city is in a desert and correct it is very warm but this place sees sun for pretty much 365 days per year so it is more than ready to cope with the heat. Every building has air conditioning and there are constant shaded spots on pathways and beaches, you rarely notice yourself getting uncomfortably hot. Secondly, being careful, as long as you act like a normal human and respect the country and it’s culture (like you would any country you visit), you will feel nothing but welcomed by everyone you meet there.

For something a little different, I would highly recommend Dubai to anyone.

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“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey” – Babs Hoffman

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