Free Online Activities During Lockdown

During this lockdown period many people have found themselves following government rules of self – isolation, social distancing and lockdown. From Yoga to singing lessons there is more opportunity than ever to get involved with classes being offered for free online.

This is a guide to some of what is out there and the information on how you can get involved.


Yoga and Stretching

The Move Studios

“As humans we are designed to sit, crawl, jump, twist, lift, laugh, smile, sleep and be happy. Our goal is to help you do all of those to your fullest potential.”

Daily Stretching classes filmed on instagram live. See their Instagram page  for a daily / weekly schedule.

Digme Fitness

“Digme offers a diverse range of authentic group exercise classes in an inclusive, community-focused environment. Whether you want to get lost in the music or rejuvenate through a YOGA class, we have something for you.”

Daily yoga classes filmed on instagram live. See their Instagram page for a daily / weekly schedule.

Yoga Plus

“We commit our best to guiding you through a transformative journey by empowering mind-body wellness through the practice of yoga and mindfulness one class at a time.”

Daily yoga sessions at 8am, 10am and 4pm for 60 minutes. Check out their Instagram page for the latest schedule.

Plana Forma

“With Plana Forma, discover how powerful you really are using the barre technique, a workout method that makes use of the classical ballet barre.”

Daily Yoga sessions streamed at 11am every day on their Youtube channel.



Great British Home Chorus

“Gareth Malone is uniting the nation through virtual singing in the Great British Home Chorus, hosting daily rehearsals online which are open to everyone.”

Taught by Gareth Malone through a youtube live stream, every week day at 5:30pm for 30 minutes. The live videos are streamed on Decca Records Youtube channel.


Myleene’s Music Klass

Daily music lessons from Mylene Klass uploaded to her Youtube channel on Monday’s, Wednesday and Friday’s.



Jamie Oliver

“Let’s celebrate freezer faves, big up the store cupboard and get creative with whatever we have to hand. Let’s keep cooking and carry on!”

Keep Cooking and Carry On. Shown from 5:30 – 6pm every weekday on TV Channel 4. If you have missed any episodes you can catch up here.



Joe Wicks

“With the schools closed and with us all spending more time at home, it’s more important than ever that we keep moving and stay healthy and positive.”

P.E. class with Joe. Every week day at 9am for 30 minutes. Streamed live on his youtube channel.


1 Rebel UK

“In the over-saturated world of fitness where views, likes and followers take precedent over the actual workout, we think it’s time to strip it back and remind ourselves to keep it real.”

Free fitness classes on instagram live every Monday to Friday. See their Instagram page for a daily / weekly schedule.


Third Space London

“In our glorious, maddening city, your workout can be the difference between good day and bad.”

Free fitness classes on instagram live every Monday to Friday. See their Instagram page for a daily / weekly schedule.


Barrys UK

“Barry’s is the global destination to get the best workout of your life. We are dedicated to changing lives worldwide through our workouts and community.”

Free fitness classes on instagram live every Monday to Friday. See their Instagram page for a daily / weekly schedule.

Dianne Buswell and Joe Sugg

Daily dance and exercise classes at 10:45am streamed live on Dianne’s Youtube channel.



Bongo’s Bingo

“Bongo’s Bingo is a wild shared social extravaganza and a night of pure nostalgic escapism, with the chance to win iconic prizes from giant pink unicorns and Henry Hoovers to mobility scooters and karaoke machines at each and every show.”

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8pm. Stremed via their twitch channel.




“Join Liam from the RNLI’s Water Safety team as he explains why it’s important to ‘Stop and Think’ around water. He will also share ideas for some fun RNLI activities children can do at home after the episode.”

Water Safety Wednesdays. Every Wednesday at 10:15. Streamed via Facebook live.


“Stay home, save lives” – The World

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